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How to purify the odor of laser cutting dust?

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How to purify the odor of laser cutting dust?

In today's advanced industrial manufacturing, laser is more and more widely used, such as laser welding / soldering, cutting, marking, carving, etc., but people's understanding and attention to the harm of smoke generated in the process of laser processing is far from enough. Heavy metal vapor is produced during metal processing. These vapors can damage human tissues, lead to poisoning, anaphylaxis, pulmonary fibrosis, cancer and so on. A variety of potentially hazardous substances may be produced when cutting plastic. May cause poisoning, allergic reaction, respiratory tract irritation, lung disease.

For the safety of workshop workers, Moland environmental protection recommends a purification equipment for smoke and dust smell.

Equipment characteristics


Multistage filtration system


Equipment parameter table


Applicable conditions:

multifunctional laser cutting machine, soldering and welding of circuit board, laser marking and carving, purification of peculiar smell smoke and dust of acrylic board, PVC, rubber, leather and other materials of laser cutting machine.


Field case of multi station soldering



Field case of cutting rubber pipe



On site case of sulfur smoke purification with two stations


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