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Analysis of dust removal cases in Moland in December

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Time flies, busy 2019 is over,Our dedusting projects have been completed in succession. Let's see what we have achieved in the past month.

1.Dedusting project of welding training school


Inner Mongolia workshop now has 23 stations, including 20 welding stations and 3 grinding stations. After our company's technical visit to the site, we have given a scheme suitable for the working conditions, adopting the hood suction treatment, making a hood over each welding room to better collect the smoke and dust generated during welding. Our company is equipped with two sets of 11kw equipment MLWF1000, each of which has an air volume of 12000m? / h, so that the air volume of each dust hood can ensure sufficient dust collection effect.

2. Dust removal project with hood suction under welding condition


Working condition introduction:

The set of cover suction dedusting system is applied to 15 welding stations. The cover suction dedusting system is used for moving welding points. The dust suction cover can be moved back and forth, which is convenient for operation. The arc shielding strip is hung around, which makes the suction cover better catch the dust.

The 37KW equipment MLWF3000 of our company is adopted, and the main machine of the equipment is placed outdoors (canopy is built to prevent water from entering the equipment). The customer feedback effect is very satisfied.

3. Multi area waste gas and smoke purification project in the workshop


It includes ten smoke control areas, plasma cutting machine dust removal areas and exhaust gas treatment conditions.

Workshop welding area: the treatment method of rotating crossbeam and suction arm is adopted. The crossbeam extends the suction arm and increases the scope of work. The advantage of suction arm capture is that it can approach the place where smoke and dust are produced and the collection effect is good.

Working condition of plasma cutting machine: adopt the blowing and suction type dust removal system. One side of the working table of the system is equipped with an air outlet which can move with the cutting machine, and the other side is equipped with a air outlet with a small axial flow fan. In the cutting process, a duct is formed between several narrow grids, which can achieve a better dedusting effect with a smaller air volume.

Working condition of spray booth: the process of dry paint mist filtration + UV photo oxygen + activated carbon adsorption is adopted. After UV photo oxygen catalysis and activated carbon adsorption treatment, the treatment efficiency of organic waste gas can reach more than 90%.

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